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What's Sunday morning like?

Let's bring you up to speed

A Typical Sunday at Destination Church

How long is a gathering at Destination?

You can bank on a typical Sunday morning lasting about 60 minutes. Sure, sometimes we go longer and sometimes shorter...what can we say, we're human, too.

Most often, a typical gathering consists of some announcements, a prayer or two, and a time of singing. Don't worry, you don't have to know any of the songs (or even sing, for that matter), but the band will fire up the guitars, bang on the skins, and we'll project the words for you to sing along. After that, our pastor will come up to teach from the Bible.

What's the culture like at destination?

At Destination Church, we are an informal, come-as-you-are group of people. Seriously, it's true. Our pastor wears hoodies, jeans, and running shoes half of the time.

Beyond that, though, we're serious about digging into the Bible, but not taking ourselves too seriously in the process. Life is difficult enough as it is. We don't have it all figured out and you don't have to, either. Together we simply invite you to journey on the road to health, wholeness, and awakening to life in the full.

Will I have to open my wallet?

Nope. Please leave it in your pocket, purse, or well-hidden in you car. (Although, we don't recommend that last option...)

what if I want to open my wallet?

Well, that's a different matter altogether. If generosity does well up within you, you can feel free to give through our "Joy Box" at the back of the room.

what about my kids?

Truth-be-told, we'd love for your kids to join you! While we do offer a nursery and Sunday school for your children, we think it's a great option to keep them with you, too. Just know, they're welcome to be a part of it all.