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Spiritual Direction

God is constantly inviting each of us into a deeper relationship with all that is sacred. During each session, a Spiritual Director companions you in your sacred story, holds space for your peace as well as your pain, and offers gentle wisdom and tender observation to guide you to awareness of how the Holy works with you and around you.

So, is this therapy?

No, it isn't therapy. The "point" of spiritual direction isn't to identify and solve problems. Instead, it's a way of listening, understanding, and awakening to the Holy.

how long is a session?

A normal session lasts 1 hour, and, normally, you meet with your spiritual director about once a month.

Also, just as a helpful thought: it takes a little bit to grow accustomed to spiritual direction, so give it some time. It's often recommended to try at least 3 or 4 sessions before deciding whether or not spiritual direction is helpful for you.

do I need to bring anything?

Nope. Just yourself!

who do i contact to explore if spiritual direction is right for me?

By filling out the form below, you aren't committing to anything just yet. But, to explore whether or not spiritual direction is right for you, begin the conversation by reaching out below.