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the bible for normal people

Okay, so maybe your hosts Pete Enns & Jared Byas are a little tongue-in-cheek with calling this podcast "the only God-ordained" one on the internet. However, you won't find a better mix of scholarship and humanity in a podcast than this one. Going into great depth about the Bible, theology, and life we cannot recommend this podcast enough.

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ask n.t. wright anything

N.T. Wright is largely considered the world's foremost New Testament scholar. Formerly the Bishop of Durham, currently a semi-retired professor at Oxford University, Wright answers listener-submitted questions on a weekly basis. This is, perhaps, the finest podcast on Christian thought and theology that the internet has to offer.

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learning how to see

Three voices that everyone who is serious about spiritual growth and personal transformation ought listen to; Brian McLaren, Rev. Jacqui Lewis, and Fr. Richard Rohr. In this podcast, the three hosts go into deeply personal territory - our biases. Believe it or not, you and I see the world a certain way and don't even realize it. This podcast is a must listen for anyone with enough humility to enter into their own personal darkness.

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surprised by hope

As the book's subtitle says: rethinking heaven, the resurrection, and the mission of the church. If you've ever wondered how any of this Jesus-movement even remotely makes sense, then this is a read that you cannot pass up. This book is N.T. Wright at his finest and, quite possibly, is the most transformative book that I (Anthony) have ever read.

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learning to walk in the dark

Everyone talks about walking in the light, but what happens when life pulls you into the dark? The scriptures are quite clear, we will all find ourselves in the dark at some point. (Psalm 23, anyone?) That place where we don't know if we're ever going to see the light again. In her trademark style, Barbara Brown Taylor invites each of us to participate in the kind of growth and transformation that can only happen when we learn to walk in the dark.

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how the bible actually works

With his sarcasm-laden, highly-intellectual, down-to-earth style of writing, Old Testament scholar Peter Enns does it again in this book, How the Bible Actually Works. Far more than a manual or user-guide, the Bible is actually far more complex, deep, and meaningful than most of us let it be. I cannot recommend the work of Peter Enns enough.

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eternity is now in session

Few people have the ability to articulate complex ideas into easy to digest thoughts like John Ortberg. In this book, Ortberg tackles one of the biggest questions on peoples' minds: how do I know I'm safe for all of eternity?

The answer to that question might not be what you think it is.

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what is the bible?

Similar to Peter Enns, How the Bible Really Works, controversial author Rob Bell provides his insights into this foundational, ancient collection of literature that we call the Bible. In his exploration of this sacred text, we come to see a hyper-linked, deeply human, deeply transformative book. A must read for people who are interested in pushing beyond the simple Sunday School answers to the question "What is the Bible?"

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sabbath as resistance

A book about Sabbath...seriously? Yes, seriously. In a culture of now, the most subversive thing you can do is say "not yet." As Breuggemann so helpfully reminds us, Sabbath isn't the exception to the rule, it's the normative rhythm built into the very fabric of creation.

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Web-based Tools

step bible

The STEP Bible is an online tool that allows you to compare English translations, to delve deeper into the original Greek and Hebrew languages that the Bible was written in, and begin to make your own investigation into what the Bible might be trying to say. It's user-friendly, highly insightful, and totally free. If you're feeling highly spiritual and exceptionally nerdy, this is a fantastic website to visit.

Check it out here.

Online Courses

n.t. wright online

Available online in both paid and free formats, N.T. Wright Online offers some of the best online courses about God, the Bible, theology, and the Christian life. Let's face it, not everyone can quite their day job and attend seminary, but a lot of people want to push deeper. Packed with hours of video footage with the professor himself, choose from dozens of world-class online courses.

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